Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Christmas season is here!

My kids really can clean up!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Up to some good

Alright I know I haven't blogged in sometime. So here goes nothing.. Things have been pretty busy around here. Where do I start? I just started selling Lia Sophia! I wasn't really planning on it but as you all may have noticed I do things on the spur of the moment. I booked a show off a friend and I always like to try to book to help out so I did. Well I had my show and my sales was over $700 and I never do that good. So I ended up with getting almost $300 dollars in free jewelery which is so awesome! So the lady that did my show showed me what she would make off my party and I wanted to make that kind of money for and hour or two a night. Easy money I thought so here I am today! So fare so good. So my goal is to be as successful as all the other women I have met that sell Lia Sophia. So wish me luck on my road to a new future!
Chandler just finished up with soccer for the season. He was so excited that daddy coached again. They did pretty well and I am proud of him. His grades are doing good but he could use a little improvement. I like to see only A's and B's,but we are not hard on him about C's.
Preston is playing his last game for the season this week,so that is almost over. I'm kind of glad since it took up a lot of time in the week and makes for a hectic schedule. He did play very well and I hope he plays next year. His grades have been good also and I am so proud of him. He has grown up so fast in the last year. Some of the things that come out of his mouth these days just crack me up. But what can I say that's Preston for ya!
Felecity is loving school finally, we were a little worried the first couple of days. She said she didn't like getting up early. That girl loves he sleep that's no lie! As far as her grades go they only get checks and minus's so far so good.
Aurora well wait for it IS FINALLY POTTY TRAINED! Sorry I am just really proud of her. She decided one day it was time. She wears the normal undies too not the pull up's. Saves money for us too. After she is done she even washes her hands. In my opinion at the age of 2 1/2yrs old is pretty damn good!
Trinity is doing good and catching on fast. She already is a jabber box,not that you can understand her though. She was a late walker though, that really kind of had us worried for a while but then one day she decided to take off. Now she is going strong. I think a lot might have had to do with her brothers always doing everything for her. As of now she still only has two teeth with 6 ready to come thru at any moment!
My Niece Jazmyne has been living with us for a while now and will be here til at least after Christmas. Long story and nothing I need to talk about on here. It's been a little different with dealing with a teenager but I think I'm getting some practice for when my kids are that age. One good thing is they havn't really pulled some of the things she has with us. So I guess I better consider myself lucky. She's a good girl just needs someone to give a damn! She has been thru so much in the last year and I hate seeing her go thru everything but my hands are tied. The attitude is getting better too the longer she is here. I just hope that whatever happens we have givin her a few lessons learned and those lessons lead her to a wonderful future.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Just a Rant

Ok well I'm sitting here in my room listening to how fast these idiots drive past my house! I know it's a busy road but come on how fast do you have to go? The speed limit is 25 through here and I know most people are going 45 or 50 and faster!There is also a children at play sign just down the road before our house. Yes I'm the one giving all the ones speeding by dirty looks and if they have there window down I'm yelling at them to slow down. I have kids and I plan to keep them safe.I just don't know what I can do about it other than yell and shoot dirty looks all the time. What happens if these idiots lose control and end up in my front yard? We use our front door when we get home everyday. Most of the time if we are outside we are out back but occasionally we like to sit out front on the porch and enjoy the weather. Just the other night there was a wreck up the road and someone went off in someones front yard and hit a tree. that very easily could have been our front yard and we were just a minute past when this happened going out front to get in the van to leave. this was a rant I wanted to get off my chest! There has got to be something else I can do!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was just thinking how Karma works and I so bleave in it! I love to hear people sit and bragg about what they have and how much money they make etc.. I just sit back and think and think to myself Karma's a bitch! I mean really why bragg? I know of several people that didnt grow up with much as a kid and now they have this need to brag about everything they have. They way i see it is you had nothing as a child so why in the world would you act like your better than others by bragging. I just makes you look selfish really! At some point in your life it will come back to bite ya in the ass. You don't see me everytime I have something new I have to bragg to all my friends that I got it. I just let them figure it out on there own. I mean really it's selfish! I know of several people that act like this all the time! really think about it the guy down the street who braggs all the time he got a new toy or a new vehicle and every time he gets something new or a raise he has too bragg. Then one day he's loosing his job and the bragging stops. I just thought I would write about it! Let everyone know how I feel. I'm not saying i'm not happy for them but is there really a neeed to bragg about it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whoa! Momma!

OK it's been a while I admit it!
Things have been so busy lately my head is spinning. We have three birthdays coming up within days of each other and I am not even ready! I need to have a yard sell to get ride of the crap I have accumulated the past couple years that I no longer use.
Easter went OK for the most part, besides Chandler busting his lip open and gushing blood all over his outfit! They all looked great and had so much fun!I couldn't get aurora in but one picture and that one didn't turn out so well!
Aurora was so cute to watch as she would find her eggs. We went to a hunt one day and she was so pissed when she would go after one another little kids would grab it up. You just had to be there. Felecity only got 3 eggs at that hunt but wouldn't show us her eggs till later. We later found out she had a winning egg and won a wagon! She was so excited but didn't want her brothers to play with it cuz they will get it dirty and make it rust. She's very opinionated just like her momma!
It's mushroom season again and we have went a couple of times. The kids love it and to tell ya the truth I wouldn't find many if Preston wasn't with me. They go up and down those hills like monkeys! Aurora cracks me up when we help her pick one. She gets this funny smile and laughs so evil! We have found a few. I didn't go last night since I decided to fall down the stairs on my butt with baby in my arms. She is OK! I made sure it was me who got all the damage! My butt is prolly gonna be bruised good and so is my arm where I attempted to grab the rail to catch myself! But on the bright side of things they brought me home a bag of mushrooms!



Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I know i have been M.I.A. in the blog world for a while. I have been so busy that i barely have time to pee. Work is good. The kids are finally adjusting to the new school. Grades are are better than were at the beginning of the new year at their new school. The kids are growing like weeds. Chandler will soon be 8 and Preston 7. Felecity 5 and Aurora is going on 2. Sometimes I wish they would just stay babies. Like the other day I told Felecity thanks "Sweet Pea". She looks at me and says "I'm not your Sweet Pea I'm Daddy's Sweet Pea". She just tells it like it is!
We just recently lost our White boxer Rebel. I took him to the vet since he wasn't eating and they took xrays and found two pacifiers and a kids sock. They did surgery and got it out, well he still wasn't doing good so the did another surgery and dint make it. I was so upset. He was such a good dog! Well we were not planning on it and just got a new pup on Saturday. He's so cute i couldn't pass him up. Other than that that's what has been going on in my neck of the woods.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

latly things have been so hectic. we finally got moved after thanksgiving. we kept the kids in the same school till after christmas and then switched them. they seam to enjoy it there. the kids love the new house. so much more room and a bigger yard. lots of room to ride thier fourwheelers and new dirtbike dad insisted on buying them. we still dont have the yard fenced like we planned. its going to take a while to get everything done we plan to.
work is ok. finally getting less hours. its hard to keep up with the house and the kids with working the hours i have been. hubby has been getting upset about my hours too. so hopefully i can get more done around here. i got a lote of painting to do.
the baby is getting so big,smiling and makeing lots of noise. felecity is mouthy as ever. the boys try to keep their room clean for the most part. aurora is starting to have interest in the potty so we will se where that goes!