Tuesday, November 11, 2008

wow have i been busy!

Things have got so busy. Since our new baby things have gotten busier everday!
Well where do I start?
Well I sold my truck! Yeah I know, I didn't think I would ever get rid of that thing. I miss it of course but I just wasn't driving it enough sucr the baby was born and we can't fit into it as a family anymore. We did get a new van though. It's nice but just not the same as the truck.
I got a new job also. It just kinda happened wasn't really looking. I just happened to be in there on day and made a comment on the beeping noise. Well she handed me an app. And I was called a few days later. I got the job and it's part time but gets me out of the house a few times a week. So far I like it! I have only been there for a couple weeks. I enjoy the customers and have seen a few people I have not Seen in a while so that is kind of nice.
The biggest thing we have been up to latley is buying a house. Yes we Finnaly found it.It's in the school district we were looking for and big enough for our family. We are so excited! I just am not looking forward to the whole packing and moveing part. We have a lot of stuff so it's gonna be a long weekend when we move. We are hoping to be moving thanksgiving weekend. They are pushing to get us in by then. .
We are finally done havein kido's too. A couple of weeks ago the hubby had the snip snip. So we are for sure done this time.
Trinity is doing great and growing like a weed. She is now almost 3 months now! It seams like just yesterday we brought her home.
Chandler has been having a little behavior problem latley so we have been trying to figure that out. He's been lieing and hiding from us in public etc. So if ya have some ideas that may help let me know.
Preston got strait A's on his report card last gradeing period and the 2nd on is about to come out. So we will see what this one is like.
Felecity is going to preschool now and doing good. She seams to like it but some days just doesn't want to do anything. She is acting like me more and more everyday.
Aurora is growing fast and is getting crazy everyday.she is a very busy girl and mean as ever.
I'll try to get on here a little more often and keep this up to date.we are going to be busy moving soon so it may not be too soon.