Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was just thinking how Karma works and I so bleave in it! I love to hear people sit and bragg about what they have and how much money they make etc.. I just sit back and think and think to myself Karma's a bitch! I mean really why bragg? I know of several people that didnt grow up with much as a kid and now they have this need to brag about everything they have. They way i see it is you had nothing as a child so why in the world would you act like your better than others by bragging. I just makes you look selfish really! At some point in your life it will come back to bite ya in the ass. You don't see me everytime I have something new I have to bragg to all my friends that I got it. I just let them figure it out on there own. I mean really it's selfish! I know of several people that act like this all the time! really think about it the guy down the street who braggs all the time he got a new toy or a new vehicle and every time he gets something new or a raise he has too bragg. Then one day he's loosing his job and the bragging stops. I just thought I would write about it! Let everyone know how I feel. I'm not saying i'm not happy for them but is there really a neeed to bragg about it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whoa! Momma!

OK it's been a while I admit it!
Things have been so busy lately my head is spinning. We have three birthdays coming up within days of each other and I am not even ready! I need to have a yard sell to get ride of the crap I have accumulated the past couple years that I no longer use.
Easter went OK for the most part, besides Chandler busting his lip open and gushing blood all over his outfit! They all looked great and had so much fun!I couldn't get aurora in but one picture and that one didn't turn out so well!
Aurora was so cute to watch as she would find her eggs. We went to a hunt one day and she was so pissed when she would go after one another little kids would grab it up. You just had to be there. Felecity only got 3 eggs at that hunt but wouldn't show us her eggs till later. We later found out she had a winning egg and won a wagon! She was so excited but didn't want her brothers to play with it cuz they will get it dirty and make it rust. She's very opinionated just like her momma!
It's mushroom season again and we have went a couple of times. The kids love it and to tell ya the truth I wouldn't find many if Preston wasn't with me. They go up and down those hills like monkeys! Aurora cracks me up when we help her pick one. She gets this funny smile and laughs so evil! We have found a few. I didn't go last night since I decided to fall down the stairs on my butt with baby in my arms. She is OK! I made sure it was me who got all the damage! My butt is prolly gonna be bruised good and so is my arm where I attempted to grab the rail to catch myself! But on the bright side of things they brought me home a bag of mushrooms!