Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was just thinking how Karma works and I so bleave in it! I love to hear people sit and bragg about what they have and how much money they make etc.. I just sit back and think and think to myself Karma's a bitch! I mean really why bragg? I know of several people that didnt grow up with much as a kid and now they have this need to brag about everything they have. They way i see it is you had nothing as a child so why in the world would you act like your better than others by bragging. I just makes you look selfish really! At some point in your life it will come back to bite ya in the ass. You don't see me everytime I have something new I have to bragg to all my friends that I got it. I just let them figure it out on there own. I mean really it's selfish! I know of several people that act like this all the time! really think about it the guy down the street who braggs all the time he got a new toy or a new vehicle and every time he gets something new or a raise he has too bragg. Then one day he's loosing his job and the bragging stops. I just thought I would write about it! Let everyone know how I feel. I'm not saying i'm not happy for them but is there really a neeed to bragg about it!

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