Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Days go by

Today went by so quick. I had just enough time to get the house straitened up before Felecity's teacher came. When she left I had to get some supper made and get ready for our volleyball game. Hubby got home early so we got a chance to work on the truck a little more. This time I didn't get knocked down inside the truck.(Friday night my brother thought it would be funny to shove m down inside while I was trying to do some unhooking to a part on the engine) Damn brothers!!! Then I went to my volleyball game. We played three games. We won our first one, lost by two in the second one and won the last one so we did pretty well. It's nice to get out and have some fun like that too. Got home and some friends of our came by we worked on the truck some more. Still haven't got her going yet so I'm a little disappointed. Hope things go better soon or I'm going to go nuts! Oh friends and us chit chatted a little while and then they left.

I can't believe this week is going so fast. Christmas is sneaking up on us. I have no idea what to get the kids. Maybe some lifetime guarantee toys that are unbreakable would be nice! That would make our house less crazy. I still don't know what to get the hubby or anything else for that matter. I love Christmas so much but hate it when I have to buy and don't know where to Begin. I love this time of the year. I find myself not enjoying Christmas as much as before because I can't buy the things I really want to buy my kiddo's. I wish I could buy them so much more but things happen and stuff. They did finally get there helmets to go riding with us. I will have to post pics later. They look so cute in them.

Aurora is finally back to her old self grinning from ear to ear like usual. She can brighten any ones day. She is starting to rock back and forth on her hands and knees,won't be long and she will be going strong. I can't believe she is already six months old. Boy how time fly's!

Monday, November 26, 2007

On the road again just can't wait to be on the road again!

Finally my truck is almost finished. It's engine has been locked up and sitting since Labor day weekend. I'm so excited to finally be getting her back on the road!
This weekend was a crazy one let me tell ya. Thanksgiving went well. Aurora was feeling better but was still not herself. Felecity woke up and was feeling better and not complaining about her ear anymore. We had a fun and busy weekend. The guys got my motor out on Thursday night and called it a night.
Friday went well we hung out at home for the most part of the day cuz hubby had to work and then we were off to the annual Christmas Parade. That was fun. The kids had fun and so did we. It was cold but well worth the time. We went to dinner with the hubby's boss and family after the parade. Boy was one of the little boys there cracking me up. Went home and called it a night after that.
Saturday came and gone and hung out with some friends like usually. Then Sunday came and the guys worked on the motor going in my truck till like um 5am this morning. Wow ! I bet our neighbor love us! Sorry! I really miss my truck. Anyways it was only like two nights so I hope they can forgive us.
A few more minor things tonight and she should be back on the road again. Cross your fingers for me.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Blues

Well it's like almost 5am in the morning and I can't sleep. I was up most of the night last night with Aurora and still tonight. Why you ask? Well as I said in the previous post she got her 6 month immunizations and is getting two more teeth. Poor baby. Well she has been running a fever and we haven't been able to get it down past 100. So we just assumed it was her immunizations with the teething on top of that. Well she developed this horrible cough that sounds like a seal barking and she can't breath well. I decided last night(or should I say at like 1am this morning)to take her to the ER. Well they told me croup was what she has and it is apparently going around. Well they also thought she had strep too so they tested her and she don't have that so that was good. The croup is enough on top teething and immunizations. She don't need to go through anymore than that.
Well on top of Aurora being sick Felecity is complaining about her ear hurting so we are thinking she may be developing and ear infection. So this Thanksgiving is going to be a pleasant one around our house. So we won't be doing much! My poor baby's are falling apart. I wish I could take their pain away for them. I'll let you all know when they get to feeling better.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Doctor's,Doctor's and more Doctor's

It seems we can't stay away from them lately!
Yesterday was Aurora's Appointment with her Doctor at Riley Children's Hospital. It went well she is doing everything that she has been wanting her to do as far a weight gain. So we don't need to see her for another 2 months. Yeah! We had to rush back after that to make it to Felecity's Thanksgiving dinner at her school. We made it and wasn't all that late. It was fun we even stayed to help clean up since we got there late anyways.
Well today was a busy day for us.We got up late so I had to rush around to get the girls ready and head of the our family doctor. Aurora had an appointment to get her 6month shots. Well I also discovered she loves her dad while there. Right before getting her shots she must have knew what was coming and started yelling Dad,Dad,Dad! It was so cute but then the nurse poked her and she was pissed. She didn't cry long though. She's a tough little girl. Well while there Felecity was telling the doctor about her choking on a hot dog. which reminded me I needed to talk to him about how Felecity chokes on them like the get stuck halfway down. She also does it with french fries and other foods too. So I talked to him about how the doc at Riley last year said she might develop scar tissue from the penny incident so he made and appointment with that doctor for us. So we are going to see him the first of December. So it looks like another Riley trip sooner than 2 months.
Tonight is another volleyball game so I will at least get out of the house for that. Then back home to the house full of nothing but noise.
I'm excited! I should be getting my truck back on the road again this weekend or next week. So I will be getting down and dirty this weekend. I figure since it is my truck I should at least try to help. I hope that all goes well. Wish me luck

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What to do??

Preston apparently brought some of the rocks(pea gravel) home from the playground at school. Of course they were brought home in his jacket pocket that I just washed. Well he decided to get them out today and play with them. At first they tried to fool me and tell me they lost a tooth. Then later they came in and told me that Felecity apparently stuck one up her nose. Well I at fist I thought they were pullin my leg. Well of course I looked and it was way up there. I freaked out of course and first tried so see if it would come out if I squeezed it but it didn't. So then I got some TP and made her blow her nose. Thank God she has been able to blow her nose for quite some time now. Well it took a little while of blowing and crying it finally came out. What else is she gonna try next? A year ago she was in Riley Children's Hospital for like a month and still had to come home with a feeding tube just from swallowing a penny. Thankfully we got some help with that because that bill was a $36,000 bill and that was just for her stay up there. Not including ER and X-rays etc.. We also had to sell some things just so we had some gas money for the drive back and forth. I'm hopeing we don't have to go through that again. I just wish she would quit experimenting with everything.
Monday we have another appointment to take Aurora to a doctor she is seeing at Riley for her spitting up and not gaining weight. I hope it's all good news this time. Last time they switched her meds and we have to thicken her formula to like a thick milkshake consistence. She has gotten a lot better since. She has gained weight since and is going strong. She is even getting some chub on her thighs. I think a lot of her not gaining right could be that she is very long for her age. We'll See how things go.
If you have any comments about my blog please post. I won't think your a stalker or nothing.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The adventures in the wonderful world of Motherhood

Last night I couldn't sleep so I decided to get some well needed cleaning done. First I started on the dishes and then moved on the moping the floors. When I got that done I decided to wipe down the walls where my artist children decided to write on the walls. That was a job just in itself! I still have yet to do this in their bedrooms. I definitely did not want any chance of waking them up. I then moved on to the bathroom. Wow that was a whole other story. They apparently(the boys) like to miss the toilet a lot and like to wipe #2 on the walls and back of the toilet seat. It is times like this I wish I had the money to pay a maid or something. yuck!! I was wearing gloves of course so that helped. Why do they do these gross things? Am I the only one with this problem? I'm sure Felecity does her share of this too. They do good at not using a lot of Toilet paper if any at all. I'm sure this will change as they get older. I can't wait too because they are going to be doing a lot of helping around the house too. I know laundry will be one thing I will be having them do(their own of course).
This weekend should be one where we just stay at home and get the things done we have been putting off for so long. It's so hard to try and get these things done when the weekend is usually the only time we all get to see the hubby so we try to spend time with him and I try to get the help I need that I don't get during the week. Hubby is planning to take the engine out of my truck and see if they can see what went wrong with it. We couldn't be lucky enough to have it be something easy and not have to replace the whole engine. We'll see what happens.

We need to go through some stuff in our garage that has been in boxes since we moved and get rid of it. Oh and that brings me to a pet peeve of mine! I am one of those people that think that if you were given something(free) then you should pass of the favor. So why sell something that was given to you? Are you that greedy? Over the years I have given so many things to people that need thing before I would ever try and sell them. It just pisses me off that they would turn around later and try and get money out of it. I have actually lost a good friend of mine a few years ago due to her being so greedy(among other things related to money) that I finally just spoke up and said something. Well needless to say she didn't like that and I haven't spoke to her in over 2 years. Must not have liked the truth! Why are people like this? This makes me so mad! If you know me at all you know I would give the shirt off my back if someone needed it more than I did. I just hate when people take advantage of others of always expect something out of you. I guess I am too nice of person. I have a big heart and if I was rich I would try to give as much as possible to people in need.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rambling thoughts

Today I was getting the boys bed clothes out of the dryer and they still stink like piss! What am I doing wrong I rinse them first then wash them. I hate that smell. It is so hard to get ride of. Plus the fact that I could wash laundry all day long but I hate folding it and putting it away. Does anyone else hate folding too or is it just me. I was talking with my hubby last night and saying I need to clean the house up but I hate doing it. He looks at me and says "Why". I can't believe he asked that. Duh I hate it because I clean all the time and it just gets messed up again. Sometimes I don't think they really understand. If he lived on his own I would hate to see what that place would look like. Don't get me wrong I love him to death but he is such a slob. I have became so much closer with my husband in the last year. We have been through so much the last almost 10years. I am thankful I didn't just give up like I wanted to do many of times. I hate the hours he works because I can't spend much time with him like I would like.
On a better note.. Aurora is going strong gaining weight like she should and going everywhere. She's not crawling yet but rolls wherever she wants to. She pushes her self backwards. She has this new thing where she rolls herself up in her blanket it's so cute. She's growing way too fast.
The boys are doing so good in school. Chandler is working so hard to stay out of trouble. I hope it stayes that way. Preston is good at school and he is starting to have better behavior at home. Felecity is the same loving child she always is with cuddling all the time and she even climbs up in bed with me in the morning and rubs my back. I don't even get this from my husband anymore! She's still the same mouthy little girl though. She can really make someone laugh when they are feeling down. The other day when I was sick from my night out. She comes in and sees me puking and instead of asking anything she says "Mommy on Harry Potter the boy on there was puking up slugs". I couldn't help but laugh. I was kinda grossed out by the whole slug thing though. Who wouldn't be? So when I am asked what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. My answer will my children and my husband. If I didn't have them I wouldn't have anything. Yeah I wish I was rich or famous but that's not how life always works. I am rich in other ways than money and there are a lot of people that are wealthy but have no life because they let all that power get to them. I want to hear what everyone is thankful for this season.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day's go by

So today was a little better as far as emotions are concerned. I can't help but worry everyday! I wonder everyday is this the day this is going to get shut off.(utilities that is) We are so far behind we can't get caught up. If we were caught up it would be so much better. I have yet to get my engine fixed in my truck. I have been having a hard time finding one anyways and if I did find one I either need to sacrifice a bill that needs to be paid ASAP or get the engine. We have let so much go in the last few months to make ends meet. It's so stressful. Just when we think we are getting caught up then we get hit again by something else. Life sucks sometimes! The only thing that keeps me going most of the time is the fact I have 5 of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me living with me.
I hate how everyone thinks since I am a Glidden I have money. I feel you should earn your money and not expect had outs. I never ask for anything unless I might need a cardboard box to live in at some point in time. It's nobody's place to take care of me and my kids but ours. It just pisses me off to hear someone thinks since my family has money that I do. Newsflash my family doesn't know about my problems most of the time. I prefer them not to. If they new most of the time I would feel like a loser. I hate when people judge you before they know who you really are.
I love my family and would do anything for them that is within reason. Sometimes they drive me up the wall. Like to today they had to fight about every little thing! Felecity woke me up by jumping on me. What a wake up call. Most days I have to pry my butt out of bed. Why do I let this crap get to me so much? How do I not worry? Sorry to ramble on. But I am so frustrated.
Guys have it so easy. They get the adult time,rather it be at work or out and about. Oh well I guess I need to just suck it up! Sorry for the long sob story.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life in my so called world

Being a Mother and Wife sometimes can take a toll on my self esteem sometimes. Today started out like a normal day until this evening. I was in a rush to make dinner while needing to feed the baby all at the same time. It never goes like you planed it to. Got dinner done and the kids decided they didn't like what I fixed so I had to then hurry up and cook some chicken noodle soup and Tomatoes soup all before I had to leave for my Volleyball game tonight. I had told the kids that they could come and watch me play and they were so excited. I however thought hubby wanted to go watch me, not knowing he didn't I already told the kids so that was a whole ordeal with the kids. It kinda disappointed me he didn't want to go watch me play. Just brought back some old memories! I wanted to cry! Hubby did however go but then criticized me when we got home. I felt so down the way it was and didn't need that on top of it all. I have been stressed a lot lately and feel like just screaming but I can't. I just hold it all in. So this is life in my not so perfect world!

Girls Night Out

This was long overdue! I decided since I haven't been out of the house without the Munchkins in a while. I was gonna get out and do something grownups do for once. It wasn't no big thing just went to my Best friends house and a couple other girls came over. We were planning on watching the Colt's play but yeah we didn't get that channel. We however decide to play euchre and have some drinks too. The drinks think was a bad idea since I haven't drank in quite a while. Me and Rum do not go well together. I did still have fun and never want to touch a alcoholic beverage again. I knocked a cup over and tripped over the dogs water so that's pretty much how my night went if I moved anywhere. We played Uno attack also. That was fun also with having a few drinks in ya and trying to explain it to the girl that hasn't played before. By the end of the night(or should I say morning) they had broke out the yearbooks and I was pretty well seeing double so it was pointless for me to try and look at them. So I crashed on the couch. Later my friend that was sober woke me up and took me home. I don't know how I got my shoes one or got to her car but I made it home safely. Puked way too many times and don't care to again anytime soon. But it was fun anyways! We decided we are going to do it more often minus the alcohol!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Worry Wort

Lately I have been so stresses with all the things going on in my life lately. Our Boxer(dog) has been missing since Tuesday with no sign of him anywhere. The kids miss him as do I. He's in real dire need of a vet as it is. He quit eating and has lost weight. We wormed him and tried everything. He's always been overweight so we have no clue what's going on. We have had him for like 5 years now and he is a pup out of our in laws dog that burnt in their house fire like 41/2 years ago. So I have been worrying about that on top of needing to find an engine for my truck and catch up on some bills.

It has been so crazy around here lately. Hubby has been working what seems like 24/7. I am getting ready to start a new job,so I have been trying to get some things around the house done so I don't have to worry about it later. Got some baby food cooked and froze so she has some stocked up while I'm at work. I need to get some more done so I don't worry about it so much. I have been making my own baby food for my kids since the whole glass in the baby food thing a few years back. I'm not about to take that chance. It taste so much better anyways. Felecity's favorite was Avocado's. She eats so many foods that even I won't eat.

I tried green beans on Aurora again today and this time she actually ate them. I'm so glad because I don't want he to not like anything like Preston. That boy hates everything! Now I want to try some new things she hasn't tried yet,like Avocado's,peas,squash,banana's,peaches,etc..

She has gotten better with the spitting up but still does. I hate this because she never has a clean outfit. I had to quit breastfeeding so she could gain weight properly. She was so much worse with breast milk. I now have to feed her what looks like a milkshake and have to cut he nipples just so she can get it out. I hate this because breast milk is so much better for her. I tried so many times to switch back to breastfeeding but it just don't work. I try to tell myself that it's ok but I still get down about it. I feel so much closer too.

Aurora has another appointment at Riley next week. So hopefully everything goes good. We are hoping that they don't find out that her reflux is something else causing it. Hopefully good news! We went last time only to find out they needed the results from her upper GI and Ultrasound before they could tell us anything. As I said I'm a Worry Wort. I did take her to the Doctor the other day and she gained almost 2lbs in one month so that's a plus.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Job's and Hobby's

Well this week went by so fast. Hubby has been working some long hours so not much time spent with him. I hate that the kids don't get to see him much. Well that is about to change. I have an interview on Wednesday and I'm pretty sure I got the job. They said when the results of my drug test come back they will give me a call to schedule a time to come in and do all my paperwork. I know I passed the drug test unless hubby is drugging me and I don't know it. LOL I doubt that! I start out part time. Hubby will have to get off at a certain time everyday so I can make it in to work on time. I don't really have anyone that would be willing to watch the kids till he's off work so he will have to get off on time. I know I prolly won't see much of him seeing how the hours he works are odd, but sometime that's just the way things are. He's on salary and most of the time he works way too many hours for the pay he gets. My brother and us figured out that if he work the same hours hubby did he would bring home way more than hubby does. He gets payed hourly but still. So this is why I'm going to start working to get some money saved up and pay my truck off and some other bills we have so we can do more. Right now hubby just works to catch up and we never get ahead. He does get payed good but only if he has a normal 40 hour week. I'm excited to get out of the house too. I want to be able to buy the kids a nice Christmas. They are gonna need some new toys. Hopefully they learned their lesson. Sometime things just have to be this way. It's either me get a job or hubby get a raise to match what I will be making and we all know those kind of raises are never going to happen. These days it seams to take two incomes to make it unless you have money in the bank. Maybe once we get ahead I won't have to work. It shouldn't be bad though since I'm only going to work part time. Wish me luck!
I have started playing volleyball this week. Hubby had school in Indy so I had my Sister in law watch the kids for me. We lost our games but it was our first. It was fun for me to do something other than chase kids around all day. I wanted to play last year but was pregnant. I don't think they would allow that sort of thing. We hope to get the kids in some sports this spring. I think they will like that. We had to take the oldest out of cub scouts since dad can't get off work at a decent time. Someone has to stay there with him so he's the only one that can unless I can find a babysitter for the other three kids. I hate to have someone do that seeing how I can't pay them and I don't want them to feel like I'm using them. I don't have family that helps much so I pretty well rely on myself.
I did get some cloth diapers made though. They might not be the best in the world, but they will do. I will post some pics of them later. I'm excited that I can do his for my baby. I need to save money somewhere. I still have some more to make but will need to buy some more fabric. I also need more Velcro. I want to buy some new ones but just can't spend the money right now. I also want to make the boys some pull up kind so when they wet to bed I don't have to do that laundry everyday. If you have any ideas please let me know.
They kids have been doing great in school as far as their grades. I think Chandler is going to make honor roll again. I'm excited. He doesn't know how to act at school as far as talking and bugging the other kids. You would think after he misses out on the behavior party and all he would want to be good. I guess not. I have tried so many things and nothing seemes to help. My only other option is to go sit with him one day at school,but that requires me getting a sitter for the girls. So again I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions??

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Busy bee's

I have been so busy lately. This weekend went pretty fast with us running around like chickens with our head cut off. It started with Saturday morning going over Terre Haute and checking to see if my parts came in for my quad, still not in by the way. Then we went by to pay some bills while we were over there. I decided since we were over there I wanted to see what Once Upon a Child had. They were way over priced for being a resale shop. We also went to Baby's R Us found a few things I needed. Went home to get some housework done and other things too. I don't think I ever get a break from cleaning. We decided later to go to Hubby's parent's house. We were there for a while. They kids got to play with their cousin's for a good while. They played like monkey's in the tree's while Felecity was going around the yard picking up nut's to feed to the squirrels. She thinks about the animals so much. We got to play a game of uker which we haven't done in a while. We Borrowed the movie Transformers(which is a good movie by the way) We end the night with watching the movie when we got home and then to bed.
Sunday went pretty well. We stayed home most of the day. Hubby's brother came by with his two little boys. After he left we watched part of the Colt's game. Then my brother called and wanted us to come over there to watch it with him. So we did.( he has DVR so we didn't miss any of it) I was disappointed how it ended. I knew it was going to be a close game. We then played a card game with my brother and his wife. It was fun. We like to get together a lot when it gets cold out. Nothing else to do. We talked a while after then headed home.
Monday I got to take is easy for the most part of the day. I have been trying some new things with the sewing machine. I'm thinking of switching Aurora to cloth diapers. I never thought it was so easy. I have found so many people on Cafemom's that do it and talk about how easy it is. So I figured I would give it a try. They have come a long way since our parents used them. I think I'm going to make them since I can't afford to buy them right now! I might buy a few later,but right now money is tight. So wish me luck! I just wish I knew this when I was having my first baby. I was talking about it to my sister in law and she thought it was a good idea too. I think she will be making her own too now. My Husband and brother think I'm nut's but since when do I listen to him. LOL I listen to him sometimes. If any of you have any pointers on making them please feel free to let me know. I'm sure it will help.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Fall,Ya'll giveaway win is .....

Karen said...
This is fabulous, please count me in. Thank you!

You are the lucky winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My official new nickname is Rockie

Ok were do I begin? I'll save the best part of the evening for last.!!
Tonight we got ready for the annual American Legion Halloween contest. After getting ready we were pretty well waiting to leave because I didn't want to get there too early. So I figured we would treat some of the Trick or Tr eater's. Well we ran out of candy by the time it was time to leave. We got to the Legion and not very many people were there this year. After what seemed like forever they finally had all the kids walk in a big circle for the judges to get a good look. Well Felecity took 3rd place for most Original. They have what they call Camander's choice too. Well he was pretty cool this year because he picked all the kids that didn't already win. The kids mad out like bandits with leaving with $24 total. Here is some pictures of them in their outfits.

Well as for My Husband's new nickname for me well... Sorry I don't have pictures but I do have a great story. We decided we were going to drop the kids off at hubby's parents house while we went to the Haunted House down the road. My youngest Brother and his wife met us at their house and we rode with them there. Well needless to say my other (older) brother and his wife that I'm not on good terms with anyways tagged along.(in separate car thankfully) Didn't know they were coming till the moment younger brother decided to finally tell us. Well everything was fine till we were about to walk in the haunted house I realized older Bros wife was wearing a sweatshirt that I'm sure she stole from my house at some point in time.(not the first time she's stole from me) They all told me not to say anything. Well I decided to confront her about it when we were all out of the haunted house. Older bro couldn't stay out of it of course. In the mean time younger bro,his wife and my hubby were walking toward the car. Well she said she's had it for like ever, lieing like she always does. She started to walk away when I decked her ass,(no I didn't sucker punch her. she didn't get turned very far.)her hitting the ground hard. I hate when someone tries to act like they did nothing.Meanwhile younger bro.his wife and hubby heard my fist hit her face and swung around as my older bro was trying to hit me as I nailed him square in the face with my boot. Hubby came up with younger bro holding older bro in a headlock trying to break it up but hubby threw a few punches too. Hubby don't go for guys hitting chicks! All the while my foot was stuck up by older Bros face between like three sets of arms. Lost my damn phone,but found it. Older Bros wife said she was pressing charges when younger bro said to older bro well she presses charges then I am telling them everything older bro did.(kicking me and coming at me) Yeah he got a good kick in on my leg that I didn't realize he did till after the fact. I did have a friend with me but she just told older Bros wife "awe poor baby" when as soon as I hit her she started yelling she hit me, she hit me like a 4 yr old does. So yeah I relieve some stress. I did think for a second that I shouldn't but I'm tired of the shit and her talking shit thinking she's gonna whip my ass. Now what's up. I'm pretty sure if she hit me I would have been all up in her face. Nor winning like a little girl. How she hit the ground like that I guess I didn't think I hit her that hard. Everyone said that wasn't the place but what kind of stupid ass wears something they stole when they know the person they stole it from will probably notice??? I guess she's just stupid. I cant stand thief's and liers! Yeah it was just a shirt but crap just admit you stole it. I know I would if I did.