Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Girls Night Out

This was long overdue! I decided since I haven't been out of the house without the Munchkins in a while. I was gonna get out and do something grownups do for once. It wasn't no big thing just went to my Best friends house and a couple other girls came over. We were planning on watching the Colt's play but yeah we didn't get that channel. We however decide to play euchre and have some drinks too. The drinks think was a bad idea since I haven't drank in quite a while. Me and Rum do not go well together. I did still have fun and never want to touch a alcoholic beverage again. I knocked a cup over and tripped over the dogs water so that's pretty much how my night went if I moved anywhere. We played Uno attack also. That was fun also with having a few drinks in ya and trying to explain it to the girl that hasn't played before. By the end of the night(or should I say morning) they had broke out the yearbooks and I was pretty well seeing double so it was pointless for me to try and look at them. So I crashed on the couch. Later my friend that was sober woke me up and took me home. I don't know how I got my shoes one or got to her car but I made it home safely. Puked way too many times and don't care to again anytime soon. But it was fun anyways! We decided we are going to do it more often minus the alcohol!

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