Friday, June 5, 2009

Just a Rant

Ok well I'm sitting here in my room listening to how fast these idiots drive past my house! I know it's a busy road but come on how fast do you have to go? The speed limit is 25 through here and I know most people are going 45 or 50 and faster!There is also a children at play sign just down the road before our house. Yes I'm the one giving all the ones speeding by dirty looks and if they have there window down I'm yelling at them to slow down. I have kids and I plan to keep them safe.I just don't know what I can do about it other than yell and shoot dirty looks all the time. What happens if these idiots lose control and end up in my front yard? We use our front door when we get home everyday. Most of the time if we are outside we are out back but occasionally we like to sit out front on the porch and enjoy the weather. Just the other night there was a wreck up the road and someone went off in someones front yard and hit a tree. that very easily could have been our front yard and we were just a minute past when this happened going out front to get in the van to leave. this was a rant I wanted to get off my chest! There has got to be something else I can do!!