Friday, February 29, 2008

Too many injuries

OK well it's been a little while. We everyone is feeling better. So no fever's anymore. However Sunday was not a good day. The kids must have been really bored or really brave. First Preston decided it would be fun to take their toy box and use it as a slide. Why he thought this was a good idea I have no idea. Well needless to say he gashed his leg open on it and had to get to the hospital for stitches. Hubby took him while I stayed home with the other kids. They stopped for ice cream on the way home and came home and ate it. They no sooner than got done eating and Felecity was getting up on my bed and fell of and of course you guessed it. She busted her head open on my dresser and had to go to the hospital. She had to have three staples put in. They should be getting them out around the same time. I just wonder what them people in the ER where thinking! That's just our luck. Two in one day. Next year on that day they are staying in bed or something! Well they didn't get to go to dance or wrestling this week because of it. I think that bothered them more than getting hurt. Maybe next week!
Anyways this week went better after that and we are going to the super cross and going to have fun!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day by Day

OK so as you may have noticed I have more free time on my hands lately. Well of course I do I have had ton's of free time. The kids have been sick one right after another this time it's Felecity with a fever. I have no clue what's going around but it's getting around our house for sure. I haven't been able to get to bed before 3am so I've been staying up with Aurora because she seems to be having a hard time getting to bed to lately too. So we play in bed together while watching TV so we don't wake the others. Oh and watching Aurora try many attempts at waking daddy up. Which by the way nothing wakes him up. He's been working a lot of hours lately so he's been really tired when he comes home. It's been driving me insane because I never know when he's going to be home. I know the kids have been missing him a lot too.
I did order tickets for the super cross at the RCA Dome next weekend so we are looking forward to that. As you may already know we enjoy that sort of stuff along with other off road activities. We haven't been out riding in a while and really need to get the quads out and ride. I'm hoping when it gets warm out again we can do the camping thing and take the quads. The kids love that kind of stuff and this year they will have their own to ride. So it should make for an interesting summer for us. I'm not sure what else we will try to fit in this summer but hopefully lots of fun. We may even think about moving if we can find the right place since this place is getting a little small for us now with Aurora getting older. Right now she's still in our room because we are still not sure if we can trust felecity not to jump in her bed and try to sleep with her. So we will play it safe for a little while longer. So if ya know of any nice places feel free to tell us about it. Until next time....

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Latley our house has been full of sickness. First I was sick Monday and Tuesday with who knows what. Then as soon as I get feeling better Preston starts getting sick. The only thing he is complaining about is his throut hurting when he caughs. He has had a fever the last three days. When Preston has fevers we have to watch him very closely that he don't have a siezer. Yesterday I thought he was feeling better becuase he was in the mood to help clean the tub with me. It didn't last long though becuase later that night his fever kicked in more and he was laying around again. I feel so bad for any of my children when they feel that bad. To top it all off I woke up again feeling like I couldn't breath. I just think i'm feeling better and I get sick again. This time I think with a cold. I hate this weather!
Aurora is finally saying Moma more. Before she only said it on occasion but now it's all the time. If you have children already you know how it feels to hear them say this stuff. It just melts your heart. If you don't have children yet you don't know what your missing. Last night Hubby went to bed early so I just sat in bed watching tv because I couldn't go to bed that early. Aurora of course couldn' go to sleep early too so we watch tv together all the while she was headbutting her daddy while he was asleep. He didn't wake up of course. It got pretty funny when she started to try to stick her little fingers in his mouth. He still didn't wake up! I wish I would have had it on video because it was too funny to watch. She's gonna be a mean one.Watch out boys!
The other kids are doing good and crazy as ever. Whoever says your life is ruined if ya have kids has no idea what they are talking about. You still have a life, you just can't be alcoholics and party all the time. AS you can tell I have four wonderful children and they are not deprived by any means. I'm a proud Parent!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ranting and accomplishments

Men are just such assholes sometimes! Lately I have seen so many women being degraded by their spouse or sonificant other. They should teach you how a real man should treat you before you ever get married. For instance why do some men think its ok to call their woman fat or names in front of their friends or family. I myselft think if someone does this in front of me they should be called out on it. I mean how do they think this is normal behavior taward the one they say they love. For instance I have three brothers, we didn't grow up in a perfect family but we mad do with what we had. One of my brothers is the sweetest guy to his wife while I have another brother that has hit his wife, calles her names and so much more and she's dumb enough to stay with him. If my hubby ever treated me like he does her, he would probably be six feet under. He also thinks it's ok to show her porn pics of other women and compliment on them in front of her. Yeah I know men like to look at that stuff but come on have a little respect for the one you say you love. How would they like it if we were like hey look at that guy over there wonder if he has a big one. I have been to a strip club with my hubby and it don't bother me to be there with him. He has enough respect not to get a lap dance ect. and he would never talk about some chicks boobs in front of me. I'm not saying he's perfect by all means just that he respects me. So if you know some men that are like this or your hubby acts like this then call them out on it. your the stupid one to let them treat ya like that in front of people even if he says he's just joking around its wrong to let them treat ya like that. I'm no expert by all means but come on lets get real! I know this was a little long of a rant but it just pisses me off to hear men do this especially right in front of me.

Ok so as some of you read I was talking about my little secret last blog. Well it's still not out yet but it will be soon I promise.

The kids are all doing good with their new hobby's. Well besides Chandler because his don't start til spring. Preston is doing very well at wrestleing. He got his pictures last week along with his shirt. As soon as we get them back I will post them.
Felecity is into her third week of dance and seems to be picking up on it well. We just paid for her recital outfit so she will be in it in July. I can't wait. It is so nice for the kids to finally be able to do stuff like this and I love it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The best kept secret!

Ok as you may have notice I have a big secret that I have been keeping to myself for months now. Have you ever had a secret that you just can't hold in forever? You just want to tell someone at least. Ok I told some of close friends but that's as far as it has gone. Sometimes I just want to get it off my chest but am scared for some odd reason. What do I do? I know it's eventually going to come out somehow but I guess I'll just keep it for a little while longer. I bet your just dieing to know. I just got to figure out how to tell it first.
Ok so today was a good day! Preston had Wresteling practice again. He did pretty well for the most part. He was taken down most of the others quick. At one point I went ouch when he slammed a little boy down hard on his back. I wonder if he knocked the wind out of him? It was fun to watch him cheer the others on as they wrestled. He was so excited! He did however have a problem getting one boy down. Not bad for his first year though. I tried to video him but by the time I was ready too and keeping Aurora occupied so she wouldn't grab at the video he was done. Maybe next time! I'm proud of him though!