Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The best kept secret!

Ok as you may have notice I have a big secret that I have been keeping to myself for months now. Have you ever had a secret that you just can't hold in forever? You just want to tell someone at least. Ok I told some of close friends but that's as far as it has gone. Sometimes I just want to get it off my chest but am scared for some odd reason. What do I do? I know it's eventually going to come out somehow but I guess I'll just keep it for a little while longer. I bet your just dieing to know. I just got to figure out how to tell it first.
Ok so today was a good day! Preston had Wresteling practice again. He did pretty well for the most part. He was taken down most of the others quick. At one point I went ouch when he slammed a little boy down hard on his back. I wonder if he knocked the wind out of him? It was fun to watch him cheer the others on as they wrestled. He was so excited! He did however have a problem getting one boy down. Not bad for his first year though. I tried to video him but by the time I was ready too and keeping Aurora occupied so she wouldn't grab at the video he was done. Maybe next time! I'm proud of him though!

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