Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Up to some good

Alright I know I haven't blogged in sometime. So here goes nothing.. Things have been pretty busy around here. Where do I start? I just started selling Lia Sophia! I wasn't really planning on it but as you all may have noticed I do things on the spur of the moment. I booked a show off a friend and I always like to try to book to help out so I did. Well I had my show and my sales was over $700 and I never do that good. So I ended up with getting almost $300 dollars in free jewelery which is so awesome! So the lady that did my show showed me what she would make off my party and I wanted to make that kind of money for and hour or two a night. Easy money I thought so here I am today! So fare so good. So my goal is to be as successful as all the other women I have met that sell Lia Sophia. So wish me luck on my road to a new future!
Chandler just finished up with soccer for the season. He was so excited that daddy coached again. They did pretty well and I am proud of him. His grades are doing good but he could use a little improvement. I like to see only A's and B's,but we are not hard on him about C's.
Preston is playing his last game for the season this week,so that is almost over. I'm kind of glad since it took up a lot of time in the week and makes for a hectic schedule. He did play very well and I hope he plays next year. His grades have been good also and I am so proud of him. He has grown up so fast in the last year. Some of the things that come out of his mouth these days just crack me up. But what can I say that's Preston for ya!
Felecity is loving school finally, we were a little worried the first couple of days. She said she didn't like getting up early. That girl loves he sleep that's no lie! As far as her grades go they only get checks and minus's so far so good.
Aurora well wait for it IS FINALLY POTTY TRAINED! Sorry I am just really proud of her. She decided one day it was time. She wears the normal undies too not the pull up's. Saves money for us too. After she is done she even washes her hands. In my opinion at the age of 2 1/2yrs old is pretty damn good!
Trinity is doing good and catching on fast. She already is a jabber box,not that you can understand her though. She was a late walker though, that really kind of had us worried for a while but then one day she decided to take off. Now she is going strong. I think a lot might have had to do with her brothers always doing everything for her. As of now she still only has two teeth with 6 ready to come thru at any moment!
My Niece Jazmyne has been living with us for a while now and will be here til at least after Christmas. Long story and nothing I need to talk about on here. It's been a little different with dealing with a teenager but I think I'm getting some practice for when my kids are that age. One good thing is they havn't really pulled some of the things she has with us. So I guess I better consider myself lucky. She's a good girl just needs someone to give a damn! She has been thru so much in the last year and I hate seeing her go thru everything but my hands are tied. The attitude is getting better too the longer she is here. I just hope that whatever happens we have givin her a few lessons learned and those lessons lead her to a wonderful future.