Friday, August 29, 2008

my birth story

I was awaken about 6am august 15th. It started with sharp pains I just new were not the normal braxton Hicks contractions. The hubby got up and went to work. I just layed there trying to go back to sleep but couldn't so I eventually called hubby to come back home so we could head to the hospital. We arrived at to hospital the nurse checked me and said I was still dilated the same as in the doc's office. She then asked if I would allow a cath. I refused so she just had me pee in a cup. She thought my pain was a urinary tract infection. It of course wasn't. She then made me walk for a while. My back was killing me so we went back to my room. A little while later I threw up. She then came in and said well maybe it's that flu that is going around. Hubby at this point was like "yeah that's it".
We were then told to wait till the doc came in to check me and see what he said. He came in later and right before he checked me the nurse said "you don't want to deliver today we are too busy" the doc asked a few questions and then checked me. He looked up at the nurse and said "she's in labor" I was four.
As soon as they got a empty room they moved me and I waited for my labor to progress. Later out me on an IV of pit to speed up my labor. The doc came in later to break my water. Hubby then asked if it was too late to get pain meds since I didn't have a epideral. They give me some morphine to help take the edge off. By the way I don't think helps much. Well I went really fast from there and was ready to push in no time. They kept telling me to wait but it was not easy. I finally told them she was coming and the doc came in and she was right there ready to come out. I pushed and she was óut in one push. Doc tried to stop me after her head was out but there was no stopping.
She didn't cry when she was born and I knew something was wrong. Everyone was telling me she was ok but I knew better. They were doing CPR on her and smacking her face is what hubby later told me. They got her breathing but she was on oxygen. They rushed her off to the nicu. I later was told she got some of the morphine that I Had because I went so fast. She did finally start breathing better on her own after that but later jaundice was the problem so she had to stay over at the nicu till her levels where better. We did finally get her home on Sunday.
She has been doing well and is a very good baby. She is used to the noise so is able to sleep well. Well that's what it or at least all I can think of.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ok she's finally here! I had her Aug 15th at 11:15pm. She was 8lb14oz and 20 1\2 inches long.
She still isn't home yet but hopefully soon. I'll will write more about why and the whole birth story later.
I know it's been a while since I have wrote on here. We have been so busy. We got a new puppy today. The kids are so excited they named her Dixie. The other dogs took to her well so that was good.
The kids have got to spend a lot more time with daddy than the are used to lately since he took this last week off work while I have been driving back and forth to see the baby! I don't know what Aurora is gonna do when daddy goes back to work. They have played none stop!
We now are looking for a new van since our's blew a head gasket. Hubby thought about fixing it but is kinda wanting to take the easy way and buy a new one. So we will see what happens.
The boys are back in school and they love it! Weird kids huh?
Well next time I'll try and tell about how things went with the birth and after!