Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ok she's finally here! I had her Aug 15th at 11:15pm. She was 8lb14oz and 20 1\2 inches long.
She still isn't home yet but hopefully soon. I'll will write more about why and the whole birth story later.
I know it's been a while since I have wrote on here. We have been so busy. We got a new puppy today. The kids are so excited they named her Dixie. The other dogs took to her well so that was good.
The kids have got to spend a lot more time with daddy than the are used to lately since he took this last week off work while I have been driving back and forth to see the baby! I don't know what Aurora is gonna do when daddy goes back to work. They have played none stop!
We now are looking for a new van since our's blew a head gasket. Hubby thought about fixing it but is kinda wanting to take the easy way and buy a new one. So we will see what happens.
The boys are back in school and they love it! Weird kids huh?
Well next time I'll try and tell about how things went with the birth and after!

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