Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ranting and accomplishments

Men are just such assholes sometimes! Lately I have seen so many women being degraded by their spouse or sonificant other. They should teach you how a real man should treat you before you ever get married. For instance why do some men think its ok to call their woman fat or names in front of their friends or family. I myselft think if someone does this in front of me they should be called out on it. I mean how do they think this is normal behavior taward the one they say they love. For instance I have three brothers, we didn't grow up in a perfect family but we mad do with what we had. One of my brothers is the sweetest guy to his wife while I have another brother that has hit his wife, calles her names and so much more and she's dumb enough to stay with him. If my hubby ever treated me like he does her, he would probably be six feet under. He also thinks it's ok to show her porn pics of other women and compliment on them in front of her. Yeah I know men like to look at that stuff but come on have a little respect for the one you say you love. How would they like it if we were like hey look at that guy over there wonder if he has a big one. I have been to a strip club with my hubby and it don't bother me to be there with him. He has enough respect not to get a lap dance ect. and he would never talk about some chicks boobs in front of me. I'm not saying he's perfect by all means just that he respects me. So if you know some men that are like this or your hubby acts like this then call them out on it. your the stupid one to let them treat ya like that in front of people even if he says he's just joking around its wrong to let them treat ya like that. I'm no expert by all means but come on lets get real! I know this was a little long of a rant but it just pisses me off to hear men do this especially right in front of me.

Ok so as some of you read I was talking about my little secret last blog. Well it's still not out yet but it will be soon I promise.

The kids are all doing good with their new hobby's. Well besides Chandler because his don't start til spring. Preston is doing very well at wrestleing. He got his pictures last week along with his shirt. As soon as we get them back I will post them.
Felecity is into her third week of dance and seems to be picking up on it well. We just paid for her recital outfit so she will be in it in July. I can't wait. It is so nice for the kids to finally be able to do stuff like this and I love it!

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