Thursday, February 21, 2008


Latley our house has been full of sickness. First I was sick Monday and Tuesday with who knows what. Then as soon as I get feeling better Preston starts getting sick. The only thing he is complaining about is his throut hurting when he caughs. He has had a fever the last three days. When Preston has fevers we have to watch him very closely that he don't have a siezer. Yesterday I thought he was feeling better becuase he was in the mood to help clean the tub with me. It didn't last long though becuase later that night his fever kicked in more and he was laying around again. I feel so bad for any of my children when they feel that bad. To top it all off I woke up again feeling like I couldn't breath. I just think i'm feeling better and I get sick again. This time I think with a cold. I hate this weather!
Aurora is finally saying Moma more. Before she only said it on occasion but now it's all the time. If you have children already you know how it feels to hear them say this stuff. It just melts your heart. If you don't have children yet you don't know what your missing. Last night Hubby went to bed early so I just sat in bed watching tv because I couldn't go to bed that early. Aurora of course couldn' go to sleep early too so we watch tv together all the while she was headbutting her daddy while he was asleep. He didn't wake up of course. It got pretty funny when she started to try to stick her little fingers in his mouth. He still didn't wake up! I wish I would have had it on video because it was too funny to watch. She's gonna be a mean one.Watch out boys!
The other kids are doing good and crazy as ever. Whoever says your life is ruined if ya have kids has no idea what they are talking about. You still have a life, you just can't be alcoholics and party all the time. AS you can tell I have four wonderful children and they are not deprived by any means. I'm a proud Parent!

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