Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day by Day

OK so as you may have noticed I have more free time on my hands lately. Well of course I do I have had ton's of free time. The kids have been sick one right after another this time it's Felecity with a fever. I have no clue what's going around but it's getting around our house for sure. I haven't been able to get to bed before 3am so I've been staying up with Aurora because she seems to be having a hard time getting to bed to lately too. So we play in bed together while watching TV so we don't wake the others. Oh and watching Aurora try many attempts at waking daddy up. Which by the way nothing wakes him up. He's been working a lot of hours lately so he's been really tired when he comes home. It's been driving me insane because I never know when he's going to be home. I know the kids have been missing him a lot too.
I did order tickets for the super cross at the RCA Dome next weekend so we are looking forward to that. As you may already know we enjoy that sort of stuff along with other off road activities. We haven't been out riding in a while and really need to get the quads out and ride. I'm hoping when it gets warm out again we can do the camping thing and take the quads. The kids love that kind of stuff and this year they will have their own to ride. So it should make for an interesting summer for us. I'm not sure what else we will try to fit in this summer but hopefully lots of fun. We may even think about moving if we can find the right place since this place is getting a little small for us now with Aurora getting older. Right now she's still in our room because we are still not sure if we can trust felecity not to jump in her bed and try to sleep with her. So we will play it safe for a little while longer. So if ya know of any nice places feel free to tell us about it. Until next time....

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