Friday, February 29, 2008

Too many injuries

OK well it's been a little while. We everyone is feeling better. So no fever's anymore. However Sunday was not a good day. The kids must have been really bored or really brave. First Preston decided it would be fun to take their toy box and use it as a slide. Why he thought this was a good idea I have no idea. Well needless to say he gashed his leg open on it and had to get to the hospital for stitches. Hubby took him while I stayed home with the other kids. They stopped for ice cream on the way home and came home and ate it. They no sooner than got done eating and Felecity was getting up on my bed and fell of and of course you guessed it. She busted her head open on my dresser and had to go to the hospital. She had to have three staples put in. They should be getting them out around the same time. I just wonder what them people in the ER where thinking! That's just our luck. Two in one day. Next year on that day they are staying in bed or something! Well they didn't get to go to dance or wrestling this week because of it. I think that bothered them more than getting hurt. Maybe next week!
Anyways this week went better after that and we are going to the super cross and going to have fun!

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