Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life in my so called world

Being a Mother and Wife sometimes can take a toll on my self esteem sometimes. Today started out like a normal day until this evening. I was in a rush to make dinner while needing to feed the baby all at the same time. It never goes like you planed it to. Got dinner done and the kids decided they didn't like what I fixed so I had to then hurry up and cook some chicken noodle soup and Tomatoes soup all before I had to leave for my Volleyball game tonight. I had told the kids that they could come and watch me play and they were so excited. I however thought hubby wanted to go watch me, not knowing he didn't I already told the kids so that was a whole ordeal with the kids. It kinda disappointed me he didn't want to go watch me play. Just brought back some old memories! I wanted to cry! Hubby did however go but then criticized me when we got home. I felt so down the way it was and didn't need that on top of it all. I have been stressed a lot lately and feel like just screaming but I can't. I just hold it all in. So this is life in my not so perfect world!

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