Friday, November 9, 2007

Job's and Hobby's

Well this week went by so fast. Hubby has been working some long hours so not much time spent with him. I hate that the kids don't get to see him much. Well that is about to change. I have an interview on Wednesday and I'm pretty sure I got the job. They said when the results of my drug test come back they will give me a call to schedule a time to come in and do all my paperwork. I know I passed the drug test unless hubby is drugging me and I don't know it. LOL I doubt that! I start out part time. Hubby will have to get off at a certain time everyday so I can make it in to work on time. I don't really have anyone that would be willing to watch the kids till he's off work so he will have to get off on time. I know I prolly won't see much of him seeing how the hours he works are odd, but sometime that's just the way things are. He's on salary and most of the time he works way too many hours for the pay he gets. My brother and us figured out that if he work the same hours hubby did he would bring home way more than hubby does. He gets payed hourly but still. So this is why I'm going to start working to get some money saved up and pay my truck off and some other bills we have so we can do more. Right now hubby just works to catch up and we never get ahead. He does get payed good but only if he has a normal 40 hour week. I'm excited to get out of the house too. I want to be able to buy the kids a nice Christmas. They are gonna need some new toys. Hopefully they learned their lesson. Sometime things just have to be this way. It's either me get a job or hubby get a raise to match what I will be making and we all know those kind of raises are never going to happen. These days it seams to take two incomes to make it unless you have money in the bank. Maybe once we get ahead I won't have to work. It shouldn't be bad though since I'm only going to work part time. Wish me luck!
I have started playing volleyball this week. Hubby had school in Indy so I had my Sister in law watch the kids for me. We lost our games but it was our first. It was fun for me to do something other than chase kids around all day. I wanted to play last year but was pregnant. I don't think they would allow that sort of thing. We hope to get the kids in some sports this spring. I think they will like that. We had to take the oldest out of cub scouts since dad can't get off work at a decent time. Someone has to stay there with him so he's the only one that can unless I can find a babysitter for the other three kids. I hate to have someone do that seeing how I can't pay them and I don't want them to feel like I'm using them. I don't have family that helps much so I pretty well rely on myself.
I did get some cloth diapers made though. They might not be the best in the world, but they will do. I will post some pics of them later. I'm excited that I can do his for my baby. I need to save money somewhere. I still have some more to make but will need to buy some more fabric. I also need more Velcro. I want to buy some new ones but just can't spend the money right now. I also want to make the boys some pull up kind so when they wet to bed I don't have to do that laundry everyday. If you have any ideas please let me know.
They kids have been doing great in school as far as their grades. I think Chandler is going to make honor roll again. I'm excited. He doesn't know how to act at school as far as talking and bugging the other kids. You would think after he misses out on the behavior party and all he would want to be good. I guess not. I have tried so many things and nothing seemes to help. My only other option is to go sit with him one day at school,but that requires me getting a sitter for the girls. So again I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions??

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