Thursday, November 1, 2007

My official new nickname is Rockie

Ok were do I begin? I'll save the best part of the evening for last.!!
Tonight we got ready for the annual American Legion Halloween contest. After getting ready we were pretty well waiting to leave because I didn't want to get there too early. So I figured we would treat some of the Trick or Tr eater's. Well we ran out of candy by the time it was time to leave. We got to the Legion and not very many people were there this year. After what seemed like forever they finally had all the kids walk in a big circle for the judges to get a good look. Well Felecity took 3rd place for most Original. They have what they call Camander's choice too. Well he was pretty cool this year because he picked all the kids that didn't already win. The kids mad out like bandits with leaving with $24 total. Here is some pictures of them in their outfits.

Well as for My Husband's new nickname for me well... Sorry I don't have pictures but I do have a great story. We decided we were going to drop the kids off at hubby's parents house while we went to the Haunted House down the road. My youngest Brother and his wife met us at their house and we rode with them there. Well needless to say my other (older) brother and his wife that I'm not on good terms with anyways tagged along.(in separate car thankfully) Didn't know they were coming till the moment younger brother decided to finally tell us. Well everything was fine till we were about to walk in the haunted house I realized older Bros wife was wearing a sweatshirt that I'm sure she stole from my house at some point in time.(not the first time she's stole from me) They all told me not to say anything. Well I decided to confront her about it when we were all out of the haunted house. Older bro couldn't stay out of it of course. In the mean time younger bro,his wife and my hubby were walking toward the car. Well she said she's had it for like ever, lieing like she always does. She started to walk away when I decked her ass,(no I didn't sucker punch her. she didn't get turned very far.)her hitting the ground hard. I hate when someone tries to act like they did nothing.Meanwhile younger bro.his wife and hubby heard my fist hit her face and swung around as my older bro was trying to hit me as I nailed him square in the face with my boot. Hubby came up with younger bro holding older bro in a headlock trying to break it up but hubby threw a few punches too. Hubby don't go for guys hitting chicks! All the while my foot was stuck up by older Bros face between like three sets of arms. Lost my damn phone,but found it. Older Bros wife said she was pressing charges when younger bro said to older bro well she presses charges then I am telling them everything older bro did.(kicking me and coming at me) Yeah he got a good kick in on my leg that I didn't realize he did till after the fact. I did have a friend with me but she just told older Bros wife "awe poor baby" when as soon as I hit her she started yelling she hit me, she hit me like a 4 yr old does. So yeah I relieve some stress. I did think for a second that I shouldn't but I'm tired of the shit and her talking shit thinking she's gonna whip my ass. Now what's up. I'm pretty sure if she hit me I would have been all up in her face. Nor winning like a little girl. How she hit the ground like that I guess I didn't think I hit her that hard. Everyone said that wasn't the place but what kind of stupid ass wears something they stole when they know the person they stole it from will probably notice??? I guess she's just stupid. I cant stand thief's and liers! Yeah it was just a shirt but crap just admit you stole it. I know I would if I did.


Anonymous said...

Gees, Jess!! LOL. Sounds like you had a pretty eventful evening after you left the legion... HAHAHA! Serves her dumb ass right! ~Jamie

Anonymous said...

gOOD jOB, sounds like you have a pretty nice right hook.