Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Blues

Well it's like almost 5am in the morning and I can't sleep. I was up most of the night last night with Aurora and still tonight. Why you ask? Well as I said in the previous post she got her 6 month immunizations and is getting two more teeth. Poor baby. Well she has been running a fever and we haven't been able to get it down past 100. So we just assumed it was her immunizations with the teething on top of that. Well she developed this horrible cough that sounds like a seal barking and she can't breath well. I decided last night(or should I say at like 1am this morning)to take her to the ER. Well they told me croup was what she has and it is apparently going around. Well they also thought she had strep too so they tested her and she don't have that so that was good. The croup is enough on top teething and immunizations. She don't need to go through anymore than that.
Well on top of Aurora being sick Felecity is complaining about her ear hurting so we are thinking she may be developing and ear infection. So this Thanksgiving is going to be a pleasant one around our house. So we won't be doing much! My poor baby's are falling apart. I wish I could take their pain away for them. I'll let you all know when they get to feeling better.

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