Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Doctor's,Doctor's and more Doctor's

It seems we can't stay away from them lately!
Yesterday was Aurora's Appointment with her Doctor at Riley Children's Hospital. It went well she is doing everything that she has been wanting her to do as far a weight gain. So we don't need to see her for another 2 months. Yeah! We had to rush back after that to make it to Felecity's Thanksgiving dinner at her school. We made it and wasn't all that late. It was fun we even stayed to help clean up since we got there late anyways.
Well today was a busy day for us.We got up late so I had to rush around to get the girls ready and head of the our family doctor. Aurora had an appointment to get her 6month shots. Well I also discovered she loves her dad while there. Right before getting her shots she must have knew what was coming and started yelling Dad,Dad,Dad! It was so cute but then the nurse poked her and she was pissed. She didn't cry long though. She's a tough little girl. Well while there Felecity was telling the doctor about her choking on a hot dog. which reminded me I needed to talk to him about how Felecity chokes on them like the get stuck halfway down. She also does it with french fries and other foods too. So I talked to him about how the doc at Riley last year said she might develop scar tissue from the penny incident so he made and appointment with that doctor for us. So we are going to see him the first of December. So it looks like another Riley trip sooner than 2 months.
Tonight is another volleyball game so I will at least get out of the house for that. Then back home to the house full of nothing but noise.
I'm excited! I should be getting my truck back on the road again this weekend or next week. So I will be getting down and dirty this weekend. I figure since it is my truck I should at least try to help. I hope that all goes well. Wish me luck

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