Saturday, November 17, 2007

What to do??

Preston apparently brought some of the rocks(pea gravel) home from the playground at school. Of course they were brought home in his jacket pocket that I just washed. Well he decided to get them out today and play with them. At first they tried to fool me and tell me they lost a tooth. Then later they came in and told me that Felecity apparently stuck one up her nose. Well I at fist I thought they were pullin my leg. Well of course I looked and it was way up there. I freaked out of course and first tried so see if it would come out if I squeezed it but it didn't. So then I got some TP and made her blow her nose. Thank God she has been able to blow her nose for quite some time now. Well it took a little while of blowing and crying it finally came out. What else is she gonna try next? A year ago she was in Riley Children's Hospital for like a month and still had to come home with a feeding tube just from swallowing a penny. Thankfully we got some help with that because that bill was a $36,000 bill and that was just for her stay up there. Not including ER and X-rays etc.. We also had to sell some things just so we had some gas money for the drive back and forth. I'm hopeing we don't have to go through that again. I just wish she would quit experimenting with everything.
Monday we have another appointment to take Aurora to a doctor she is seeing at Riley for her spitting up and not gaining weight. I hope it's all good news this time. Last time they switched her meds and we have to thicken her formula to like a thick milkshake consistence. She has gotten a lot better since. She has gained weight since and is going strong. She is even getting some chub on her thighs. I think a lot of her not gaining right could be that she is very long for her age. We'll See how things go.
If you have any comments about my blog please post. I won't think your a stalker or nothing.

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