Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Days go by

Today went by so quick. I had just enough time to get the house straitened up before Felecity's teacher came. When she left I had to get some supper made and get ready for our volleyball game. Hubby got home early so we got a chance to work on the truck a little more. This time I didn't get knocked down inside the truck.(Friday night my brother thought it would be funny to shove m down inside while I was trying to do some unhooking to a part on the engine) Damn brothers!!! Then I went to my volleyball game. We played three games. We won our first one, lost by two in the second one and won the last one so we did pretty well. It's nice to get out and have some fun like that too. Got home and some friends of our came by we worked on the truck some more. Still haven't got her going yet so I'm a little disappointed. Hope things go better soon or I'm going to go nuts! Oh friends and us chit chatted a little while and then they left.

I can't believe this week is going so fast. Christmas is sneaking up on us. I have no idea what to get the kids. Maybe some lifetime guarantee toys that are unbreakable would be nice! That would make our house less crazy. I still don't know what to get the hubby or anything else for that matter. I love Christmas so much but hate it when I have to buy and don't know where to Begin. I love this time of the year. I find myself not enjoying Christmas as much as before because I can't buy the things I really want to buy my kiddo's. I wish I could buy them so much more but things happen and stuff. They did finally get there helmets to go riding with us. I will have to post pics later. They look so cute in them.

Aurora is finally back to her old self grinning from ear to ear like usual. She can brighten any ones day. She is starting to rock back and forth on her hands and knees,won't be long and she will be going strong. I can't believe she is already six months old. Boy how time fly's!

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