Monday, October 29, 2007

Sometimes I ask myself "How do I do it?"

How do I do it? I ask myself this often,Of course with four children driving me up the wall. Today I woke up to find the boys totally recked their room. Yeah It was that way last night but not to this extent. So I finally decided this morning I was fed up with the mess. They weren't listening to me,when I told them to clean it like a hundred times. So I got a bag for the trash and started picking up papers they have decided to just rip up for no particular reason. As I was picking these up I started to smell a strong smell of urine. No it wasn't from our dog this was too much for a dog. My kids 3 out of the 4 decided it would be fun to pee all over their room. Keep in mind they are 6,5,and 3years old. So I decided since nothing else has worked for their behavior they were going to lose everything. I then got out a second bag for their toys and started cleaning out the toy box. By the time I was done with the kids rooms I had 1 big bag of trash (most of it was from under their bed and dresser etc..) and 4 bags full of toys. I did keep the toys that are from when we were little and put the away in a trunk. Hopefully our grand kids can treat them better. At first I thought I was being harsh but then I thought about how they did something like this thinking it was ok. I know kids will be kids but come on..

I later vacuumed and shampooed the carpet,hoping the smell comes out. If ya have any ideas on how to get that smell out let me know. I hate when my house stinks. Any little smell bothers me. Oh the Joys of Motherhood!
I also want to share Aurora's new toy. She thinks this is the only thing that matters these days. But I do have to say it beats her peeing on the floor. Here is a pic. How cute.

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Farrah said...

Is this what i have to look forward to? I have an 18month old boy that already keeps me running ragged. Sounds like you have your hands full.

Thanks for entering my sling giveaway! You sound like you really need it. :) I will be posting another giveaway for the Tummy-2-Tummy DVD later this week so be sure to check back.