Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Lately we have had a lot of things coming up missing in our neighborhood not to mention the stupid people that stole our dog a while back! Today the kids went outside to go ride bikes with the neighbor boy and Chandler comes in to tell me he can't find his bike. I figured he needed to look a little Better. So I waited a while to see if he could find it and sure enough it was stolen. Well we went for a walk to the park and the kids played for a while then we walked over and got the kids some food at the fish fry they were having. We then went home and a little while later I was outside and thought I heard our little dog that thinks she owns the neighborhood yelp like someone hit her or something. So I looked around and didn't see her so sent Chandler to look behind the house. Well she happened to be inside but needless to say Chandler came running back telling me he seen his bike! Well I looked and sure enough it was his. Then the boy rode it right in front of our house! I confronted him and told him let's go talk to his parents and then we chased him (we'll sort of just walked but caught up to him) well needless to say his dad said he bought it from some guy for $20. Ok I think not but I got it back with little Said! It just happened to be at the gedo behind our house! Well that's what we call it but they are really dirty appart and they are up all night fighting. Thank god we got a privacy fence that we don't have to see that everyday.
The other things stolen in the neighborhood recently is car sterio's on each side of us. Nothing stolen out of our ├žars but who knows I might not really be missing it if they did. We have had people fighting and riding bikes through our yard in the middle of the night it's just getting to be worse and worse everyday! In the two years we have been here we have never had this much go on around us.
The kids are doing good getting in lots of trouble! Felecity performs at the park on Thursday for our 4th of July celebration that they do every year. She is excited about that. PRESTON'S birthday is on Friday so he will be turning 6yrs old! Wow! Time sure flys!
We did get the fence up and the dogs love haveing the room as do I. Since they get all the rough play done outside now and don't destroy my house now,but the kids have been making up for that! Well enough said until next time!

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