Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Theft among Children

OK as you may or may not have figured out my child stole. It wasn't till today when cleaning the boys room did I realize that Preston stole two tubes of chap stick from the grocery store when we were there on Saturday. I was so ashamed! This is something I don't know what to do. How do I punish him? He's 5years old I would think he knew better but I was wrong. Is he going to do this every time we go to a store? I know he is a very busy boy,but I never would have thought! I just don't know what to do??

Anyways Halloween is coming up and I have no ideas what to dress the kids up as. I know the boys will want to pick their own outfits out,but I still have the girls outfits to worry about. Usually by now I have some clue but this year I'm clueless. We plan on going to the American Legion like we do every year. I guess Travis won some tickets to a Haunted House too ,so I'm sure we will be going there. I also have a friends Halloween party that is coming up this weekend. They are having a haunted woods and hayrides. That should be fun! I also want to try to make it to a few other Haunted Houses. We also have been wanting to make Pumpkin Works this year since we have never been. I hope I don't get too scared.
We have yet to buy the kids pumpkins,so that is probably one thing we will try to get done this weekend. Then it's time to carve them. That should be fun seeing how they are still a little young and need our help. Chandler wants to carve sponge bob. That should be a tricky one. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

I came across your blog and think it's very interesting. One thing though -- in my opinion if a child believes they can get away with something, they'll continue doing it -- so a "little" theft problem becomes a giant one. The fact that Preston stole 2 tubes of chapstick means that he did it just to get away with it -- not because he needed it.

I think Preston needs to be given consequences. As a parent you MUST teach him that stealing is wrong.

When I was small, my sister stole some candy from a store. My mom discovered it and took her back to the store with the candy, made her stand in front of the store and tell the manager and everyone in the store, that she'd stollen the candy. She had to apologize AND pay for the candy. Then my mom gave the candy back to the manager along with the money. Believe me when I tell you that NO ONE in my family ever even dreamed of stealing anything every again.

Since Halloween is coming up, what I'd probably do is either do exactly what my mom did to my sister, or maybe I'd tell Preston that since he stole something he's not allowed to go out for Halloween. You'd probably have a major tantrum on your hands but hold fast. You're the parent. You're in charge (even though it sometimes doesn't feel that way.)

Good luck.