Thursday, October 18, 2007

What is the world coming to?

So today was a little stressful. My day started like usual. Then later in the afternoon a friend came over. As we were sitting there talking and playing with the kids the news came on for a special report. As it came on I was sitting there thinking what is going on now. Well needless to say there was a shooting today at on of our local elementary schools. I never thought it would happen here in our town. I just thought when it came on it was something happening somewhere else. Boy was I wrong! My heart immediately sank. I was sitting there thinking what is the world coming too? Thank God no one was hit by the bullet. They were shooting from the outside is what the news has been saying. I wish I had another option for schooling for my children. Yeah I could home school them but I don't know how to go about doing that and I have no idea if it is something I can keep persistant about. They seem to listen to other people better than us and I want my kids to have a good education. This is pretty sad you have to worry about your kids every day of the week. I of course went to pick up my boys. I was almost in tears when I went to pick them up. This could have been worse. I really hope they find who did this and they pay. This is really scary! What are parents to do? I know I sound like I'm rambling but it just blew me away that this has happened in our town. Here is the latest on this story
This weekend is going to be busy busy busy! We have a Halloween Party to go to, Chandler is supposed to camp out at the boy scout camp with Dad of course. Then we are planning to go to Laural, Indiana to go riding. Also a friend of ours is wanting us to go to his cabin to eat chili etc...
At some point in time I want to make it back up to Mansfield. You always get to good deals on the last day.
Until next time....

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