Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wow what a weekend

Wow I am sore sore and wore out. This last weekend was a busy one!
Friday we went out a friend's house. They were having a haunted woods and hay ride. The kids said they wanted to go through the haunted woods so we took them through it. They seemed to be OK only got scared a little. We told them them it wasn't real before we went in,so I think that helped. We also stayed a little while to eat and site by the fire. We left after that to meet my brother at our house so him and Travis could work on his chain on his quad. They eventually gave up and decided it was better to just buy a new chain for it. Well I was up late as normal and couldn't sleep.
Saturday I got up and me and Chelsey went to Thompson's to get Travis's chain. While I was there I got some new goggles and ordered the screws I needed for my quad. We left and was on our way home then my brother called and wanted me to get him some goggles so we headed toward another Motor sports store that was along the way. We also seen my dad along the way as he was on the walk. (it's a thing they do every year for ISU homecoming as the walk from bar to bar along the way to the stadium.) Well needless to say we had to pick him up and take him back were he started. We made it back home finally. I spent the rest of the night cleaning and doing laundry while the guys worked on Travis's quad. I never seem to get caught up.
Sunday was an early start as we left the house at 7am and was on our way to Laurel Indiana to ride our quads. We had a lot of fun and did a lot of riding. We did manage to get lost for about an hour. It was right before dark and we were going up some pretty steep hills so luckily we found our way back before dark or that could have been a bad deal. Especially if we would go up a hill not knowing what was at the top. We left right after that since we were all pretty tired. We got home late and went strait to bed.
Monday we had to get up early get the boys on the bus and then get Felecity ready for her center day at her school. We dropped her off then were on our way to Indy to take Aurora to see a Doctor in Riley.That at went ok. She had to have her Medicine changed again and we are trying something different. We have to go back in a month and go from there. So that was a long day. We had to got pick the kids up at Brittanee's when we got back. Luckily she went by our house to make sure someone was there to pick the boys up off the bus. Of course there was no one there. So needless to say the person that was supposed to be there is not a reliable person! I was pretty mad seeing how she said she would be there and the fact I asked to make sure like three different times. So you would have imagine how I felt. Until next time..

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Brie said...

hay rides....i'd participate in them, if i liked nature that is ;)