Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Anound the corner

Christmas is just around the corner. I can't believe it is almost here! Things have gotten a little better lately. We have most of our Christmas shopping done. I made calenders for everyone again this year, so that is what most everyone is getting from us. I can't wait to see the look on our kids faces when the see what we got them this year. We did get some help getting these for them but will have to pay back.

My truck(Miss Dixie) is not going to on the road as soon as we thought as we were sold shit engine. First a push rod was bend,then a valve was bent or stuck so we thought OK we will go have the heads done so we dropped those off. The next day the guy called to tell us the heads were cracked. All this would have been nice to know before we put almost $800 in and engine that does us no good. So we are back at square one. I think we are going to go ahead and rebuild the engine that was originally in the truck. You can't trust anyone these days to be honest. What is the world coming to? So here we go having to put more money into this because of some dumb ass that needs to screw people over for some extra cash. I know if I knew an engine was crap I would throw it away before I sell it to screw someone out of money. Sorry but I needed to rant a little about this.
Anyways I hope everyone has a good Christmas and have fun with friends and family!

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