Saturday, June 14, 2008

life in my fast lane

Well as you may have guessed things are getting pretty busy. I get up everyday with just enough time to feed the kiddo's ,take the dogs out ,yell at the kids to get dressed a hundred times before the finally listen. Then get Aurora dessed and out the door to get errends ran. I hope I don't forget anything half the time!
Felecity is getting excited about dancing at the park in july and her recital will be in july also. July is going to be a busy month already and it's not july yet.
We have done a lot of outdoor things with the kids lately. It's good for them to be active. We did get a chance to go to the park pool one day this week. That was fun. Preaton did get burnt though. I thought Aurora would be fried but she was good. The water was still a little cold but it was refreshing.
I just hope the weekend is nice enough for us to do some outdoor activities.

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