Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok so far so good. The bank excepted our offer on the house we have been looking at. Now we just need to go through the rest of the process and with any luck we will be moved in july.
Besides the flood around us everything has been good. We didn't get any damage or flood water in our house or basement. It was all around us though. We got lucky. I just hate all this rain we have gotten. Not that I want an drought but rain like every day now come on.
My pregnancy has went well so far. I am now seeing my doc every two weeks. It's getting close!
The kids have enjoyed being able to play outside almost all day. Preston's hair is already turning blonde and felecity is already getting tan. I'v already been asked if I take her tanning. Come who would let a 4yr old tan in a tanning bed. Chandler is growing up so quick too. Some of the things he does and says makes me derl so old.
Until next time.

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