Friday, July 18, 2008

times fly's when your having fun!

Not that I have really had too much fun ,but not too bad. Things have been good for the most part. The fourth was great! We went to hubby's boss's house like we have for several years now. Lots of fun like always and the kids always love going and eating a ton.
Felecity had her dance at the park but didn't do anything but tap her foot the whole time. She did dance at her recital a week later. I was so proud! She looked so grown up! It brought back so many memories of when I danced when I was younger.
We are still sort of looking for a bigger house. I'm pretty sure the one we tried to get and was hoping was still forsale later is now sold! So that kinda of sucks! I guess there is prolly a reason for it. But it still makes me sad. There should be other houses too with the market the way it is I'm sure we will find something.
The baby's arrivall is getting closer. Yeah I'm not prepared at all. Still no baby bed. Havn't even got the newborn clothes back out yet. Have no newborn diapers yet. No backs packed but I'm sure the hubby can get that if need be. He should be a pro at what I need for my stay by now! I think the baby maybe here a little sooner than expected too. I could be wrong but I feel like it's close. I just hope she comes when she's good and ready and not too early. We want her to be healthy.
I'll try to post àgain soon so these don't get to long and boring. Ü have just been so busy.

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