Thursday, January 8, 2009

latly things have been so hectic. we finally got moved after thanksgiving. we kept the kids in the same school till after christmas and then switched them. they seam to enjoy it there. the kids love the new house. so much more room and a bigger yard. lots of room to ride thier fourwheelers and new dirtbike dad insisted on buying them. we still dont have the yard fenced like we planned. its going to take a while to get everything done we plan to.
work is ok. finally getting less hours. its hard to keep up with the house and the kids with working the hours i have been. hubby has been getting upset about my hours too. so hopefully i can get more done around here. i got a lote of painting to do.
the baby is getting so big,smiling and makeing lots of noise. felecity is mouthy as ever. the boys try to keep their room clean for the most part. aurora is starting to have interest in the potty so we will se where that goes!

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