Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Worst of Luck

Lately We have had shit for luck! Here is what has been happening lately.. We bought a used engine for my truck which we thought would be the cheapest route to go instead of a new one. Yeah we were wrong the guy that sold it to us sold us a crap engine that had a bent push rode,a stuck valve and cracked heads. So we had to after putting a ton of money in that engine go back to the engine that was originally in it and try to rebuild it. More money of course and we got her running but not firing on all eight cylinders only four. After another $105 part got that going. Well She is drivable but can't stop now. Now we have to replace the brake line on part of it so that's some more money down the drain. By the time this is all said and done she should be like a new truck again. Talk about our luck!
I just hate how I finally get my hopes up to be able to have her back on the road and something else happens. So now maybe on the weekends we can go somewhere! Sitting at home every weekend since Thanksgiving pretty well sucks.

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